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Updated: Apr. 10

Just by scrolling posts about Noodle the Pug on TikTok, it's impossible to understand the historical frequency of his "bones days" and "no bones days." So, I'm counting them! Since Oct. 1, when Noodle posts took off, the adorable 13-year-old pooch has had:

Bones days


No bones


No video


All the days!

Apr. 7No bonesThursday
Apr. 5Bones!Tuesday
Apr. 4No bonesMonday
Apr. 2No bonesSaturday
Apr. 1Bones!Friday
Mar. 31No bonesThursday
Mar. 24No bonesThursday
Mar. 23No bonesWednesday
Mar. 21No bonesMonday
Mar. 15Bones!Tuesday
Mar. 14No bonesMonday
Mar. 11No bonesFriday
Mar. 9Bones!Wednesday
Feb. 28No bonesMonday
Feb. 26No bonesSaturday
Feb. 23Bones!Wednesday
Feb. 21No bonesMonday
Jan. 26Bones!Wednesday
Jan. 22No bonesSaturday
Jan. 21Bones!Friday
Jan. 18No bonesTuesday
Jan. 19Bones!Wednesday
Jan. 16No bonesSunday
Jan. 15Bones!Saturday
Jan. 13Bones!Thursday
Jan. 11No bonesTuesday
Jan. 7Bones!Friday
Jan. 3No bonesMonday
Jan. 1Bones!Saturday
Dec. 31No bonesFriday
Dec. 28No bonesTuesday
Dec. 25Bones!Saturday
Dec. 23Bones!Thursday
Dec. 21Bones!Tuesday
Dec. 20No bonesMonday
Dec. 18Bones!Saturday
Dec. 16Bones!Thursday
Dec. 15Bones!Wednesday
Dec. 13No bonesMonday
Dec. 12No bonesSunday
Dec. 10Bones!Friday
Dec. 9Bones!Thursday
Dec. 8No bonesWednesday
Dec. 6No bonesMonday
Dec. 4No bonesSaturday
Dec. 3Bones!Friday
Dec. 2Bones!Thursday
Nov. 30No bonesTuesday
Nov. 29No bonesMonday
Nov. 27No bonesSaturday
Nov. 25Bones!Thursday
Nov. 24Bones!Wednesday
Nov. 23No bonesTuesday
Nov. 22Bones!Monday
Nov. 21Bones!Sunday
Nov. 19No bonesFriday
Nov. 18Bones!Thursday
Nov. 16Bones!Tuesday
Nov. 15Bones!Monday
Nov. 12No bonesFriday
Nov. 11No bonesThursday
Nov. 9Bones!Tuesday
Nov. 8Bones!Monday
Nov. 7No bonesSunday
Nov. 5Bones!Friday
Nov. 4Bones!Thursday
Nov. 3Bones!Wednesday
Nov. 2No bonesTuesday
Nov. 1No bonesMonday
Oct. 31Bones!Sunday
Oct. 28Bones!Thursday
Oct. 26No bonesTuesday
Oct. 25Bones!Monday
Oct. 23Bones!Saturday
Oct. 22No bonesFriday
Oct. 21No bonesThursday
Oct. 20Bones!Wednesday
Oct. 19No bonesTuesday
Oct. 18Bones!Monday
Oct. 17No bonesSunday
Oct. 16Bones!Saturday
Oct. 15Bones!Friday
Oct. 14No bonesThursday
Oct. 13No bonesWednesday
Oct. 11Bones!Monday
Oct. 9No bonesSaturday
Oct. 7Bones!Thursday
Oct. 4No bonesMonday
Oct. 1Bones!Friday
Sep. 29No bonesWednesday
Sep. 22No bonesWednesday
Sep. 14Bones!Tuesday
Sep. 5No bonesSunday
Aug. 21No bonesSaturday
Aug. 13No bonesFriday
Mar. 11No bonesThursday

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